and congratulations


You're different, you're bold, and we want to embrace you with open arms.
Welcome to a league of very special people, who aren't just talking. You're doing something to change the world. 

We just have a couple of things we need to verify. To get to know you a little better, and to also safeguard the security
of our young beneficiaries. 

Name *
If any applicable
Including but not limited to work, academic, or volunteering experience
Commitment Level *
What level of volunteer commitment are you comfortable with?
Have you ever been convicted in your or any country's court of law? *
Have you been addicted to or frequently use one or more of the following in the past 2 years? *
Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Banned Substances such as Hallucinogen or Stimulant Drugs, Pornography
Do you have any connections to known secret societies or gangs? *
Do you have, or are willing to get a Certificate of Clearance, Working with Children Check, or equivalent background check from your local authorities? *
This is because of the young nature of our beneficiaries, we need to ensure that all volunteers are 'SAFE' to interact with young people. Additionally, we will need you to submit 2 referrals if you are unable to get relevant clearance.
Are you willing to undergo a face to face interview with one of our staff or senior volunteers? *