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Let's get real, life isn't always easy. Self care is hard, and often amidst the busyness of school, work, family, friends, and our other commitments, we find ourselves getting burnt out, tired, and frustrated. 

Here in celebration of World Happiness Day, are 10 Tips to live your best life!

1.        Unplug

Have at least 15 minutes a day of alone time without other people, work, and social media to distract you from yourself! It’s also a good time to write down your thoughts in a bullet journal or in your phone.

2.        Do Something Creative

Start doodling in your notebook, get a coloring book, design a Spotify playlist to ask that girl out. Doing something creative releases stress and those pent-up feelings we can't seem to resolve. It gives you time to reflect and mentally work out the problems in your life, which can make you happier and less anxious


3.        Squad Goals

Surround yourself with friends who support, challenge, and love you! Haters gonna hate! But you don’t have to live by their opinions or even keep them around! You deserve to have people in your life who bring you up, not pull you down.


4.        Don’t Believe The Hype

You may find yourself having a serious case of FOMO looking through your social media feeds, or you may start to feel like you’ll never be good enough, never succeed, or never have what others have. But you need to realise that most of what you see online isn’t real life. And their success is not your failure!


5.        #NOREGERTS

You make mistakes, but mistakes don’t make you! Don’t let the guilt, embarrassment or shame paralyze your potential. Life goes on!


6.        Shake Your Booty

Get moving. Dance, exercise, play a sport, go for a walk. Moving your body releases endorphins that make you feel lighter, happier, and more motivated!


7.        Get Your Groove On

Music has been proven to influence our emotions, and just like exercise, singing also releases endorphins and increases the O2 in your blood, which can improve your mood.


8.        Drink Up

Did you know that even slight dehydration could negatively impact your mood? Water improves your skin, keeps you energized and makes you more alert. Do note that coffee doesn’t count, so step away from Starbucks.


9.        Find Your Spiritual Life

Finding our spirituality is often a big part of living fulfilled lives! People often find that going to an organized religious service helps build hope and connects them to a supportive community.


10.      Ignite

DREAM! Remind yourself that you have hopes and passions, and that there’s more to life than this! You can use your favorite journal, create a Pinterest vision board, or have a meaningful conversation with a friend about your goals and what changes you want to make in life.